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Keys, Locks, & Safes

Partner with a reliable commercial and industrial locksmith for all your projects.


Whether you need keys for a standard lock, security keys, a master key system, or a building re-keyed, our certified locksmiths can help.


Let us take something off your list.

We know how frustrating it can be when keys don’t work, you lose keys, you have to deal with multiple keys, or you simply don’t have a way to manage entry points. We can help you develop a plan of action and master key system.

Work with one expert company for all of your key, lock, and safe needs.

You shouldn't have to call more than one vendor for multiple services. Our friendly, professional team can help with multiple projects—even surprise and rush ones—such as installing new locks, rekeying a building, fixing broken locks, or installing or cracking a safe.

We’ll help meet all of your key, lock, and safe needs. We offer the following services for commercial and industrial partners:

Ability to rekey or deadbolt any building
Fire-resistant safes
Key registration (so you’re the only one who can get a copy)
Media safes for irreplaceables
On-site service for safes, including safecracking
And more
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Ready to work with a local locksmith you can count on?