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Doors, Frames, & Hardware

We can help you with all of your doors, frames, and door hardware needs.

We’ll help eliminate the headache of finding exactly what you need.

Whether you're looking to repair or replace a hollow metal door, or you need to find state-of-the-art opening solutions for your project, Mulhaupts can help.

Knowing who to trust with your doors, frames, and door hardware needs can leave you wondering if you’ve covered all of your bases. However, the right partnership will leave you feeling confident that everything has been taken care of.

For decades, we’ve been providing solutions for commercial and industrial leaders, contractors, and project managers in the areas of:

Custom doors, frames, and hardware
Integrated solutions (entry access, monitoring, and safety)
Planning, installation, and service
Project bidding
Repair or replacement
School Guard Glass for intrusion resistance
Stocking distributor for Allegion and Assa hardware
UL-certified hollow metal doors, frames, and custom solutions
And more
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