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Environmental Monitoring

Prevent loss and meet regulation standards with environmental monitoring.


Whether you need to monitor for temperature, air quality, or humidity, our environmental monitoring experts will help you find the right lasting solution.


We make it easy to find the perfect integrated solution.

Environmental monitoring is the observing of sensors for conditions like temperatures or humidity that fall outside of normal ranges. It’s especially important in healthcare, where professionals must properly store certain medications, plasma and tissue samples, and more.

Make one call to address all your monitoring needs.

We know how frustrating it is when you have to call multiple places, deal with multiple reps, and utilize multiple products to get the information you need. Not with Mulhaupts. Our team of professionals will assist with all your environmental monitoring needs with one phone call.

There are many reasons why environmental monitoring is a smart choice:

Receive alerts for unusual conditions
Protect your products or units from harmful elements
Save time and money you would’ve spent on replacing any loss
Reprogramming for overhead door controls
And more
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Easily monitor just about any environment.