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Fire Alarms

Have a reliable partner on your side if disaster strikes.


We take steps to help keep you safe by installing and connecting a fire alarm system in your home and providing monitoring services.

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Let us help you protect your family.

We understand how scary the thought of a fire in your home can be. However, we also know that fire alarms save lives. This is why ensuring your home has properly installed and connected fire alarms is a must. We can help you keep your family safe in a fire emergency.

You can relax and let us do the work.

We’ll handle the installation, connection, and setting up of monitoring services. And, in the event of an emergency, your fire alarm system will notify you (and us) of danger. We will connect with you about the alarm and can dispatch fire immediately.

Whether or not a fire happens, you’re not alone. We provide the following fire alarm services for homeowners:

Local fire department dispatch
NICET-certified fire systems
No monthly fee
Strict compliance with residential fire codes
And more

Ready for a reliable fire alarm system?