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Security & Monitoring

Protect your loved ones and stay connected.


Whether you’re recovering after a break-in, proactively preventing one, or adopting new technology—our home security and monitoring solutions can help.

Home Security

You shouldn’t have to worry about your home’s or family’s safety. With a security system from Mulhaupts, you’ll know who’s coming and going while you enjoy 24/7 protection.

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Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is a smart move, especially considering that you’re three times less likely to experience a break-in when would-be intruders know someone is watching.

Fire Alarms

Your Mulhaupts fire alarm will promptly alert you if disaster strikes. With our 24/7 monitoring service, we can have the proper authorities dispatched in a matter of minutes.

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Home Automation

Smart home technology can help you protect your family, simplify your life, and stay connected to the world around you.

Environmental Monitoring

You shouldn’t have to worry about freezing pipes or flooding. Environmental monitoring can alert you if your sump pump, water heater, or other major appliance malfunctions.

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