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Environmental Monitoring

Keep your pipes from freezing this winter.


Are you worried about your pipes bursting or basement flooding this winter? With environmental monitoring, you can keep tabs on your home’s conditions, even when you’re away.

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What is environmental monitoring?

Environmental monitoring is the observing of sensors for conditions that fall outside of normal ranges. This includes monitoring pipes and basement sump pumps for high or low temperatures, humidity, and the presence of water.

Learn about our environmental monitoring process.

Our specific process depends on the environment and condition we’re going to monitor for, but the first step is easy: calling us for a consultation. Then, we’ll help you learn more about environmental monitoring and find the exact solution you need.

There are many reasons why environmental monitoring is a smart choice for homeowners:

Ensure temperatures, humidity, and other conditions are normal.
Receive alerts for unusual conditions in your home.
Take action to keep your pipes from freezing or bursting.
Prevent basement flooding once you get a notification.
Save time and money you would’ve spent on home repairs.
And more

Keep tabs on your basement!